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Information Technology Services

This Business Area is responsible for the provision of advanced information technology management, systems engineering, software development, and ongoing ADP operational support to a broad range of government system applications. These services include:

  • Systems Design and Integration Services
    • System Specification Development that includes documenting the system's physical and functional descriptions as well as preparing the specifications required for equipment and material acquisition.
    • Systems Acquisition Support including procurement and assembly of components, systems integration, and acceptance/integration testing.
    • Database Design including creation and linkage of databases across all platforms.
    • Software Design, Development, and Implementation including custom design and development of performance specific software for new applications as well as business system re-engineering to tailor general-purpose software packages for increased efficiency through the use of object oriented technology or other programming techniques or tools.
    • System Integration, Conversion, Training and Operational Support for system expansion or the implementation of replacement systems. These activities may include development of equipment specifications, assistance in the vendor selection process, design of benchmark and equipment performance test programs to verify and validate equipment design specifications, integration of selected hardware and software components into an operational environment, adaptation of software and systems through the use of sophisticated conversion technology and tools, and provision of end user training support as needed.
    • Local and Wide Area Network Design and Installation including systems analysis, design, integration and implementation of complete hardware and software solutions to meet specific client management and operational requirements.
    • Systems Engineering and Analysis including studies and analyses, configuration management and standards, systems engineering, software design and development, acceptance/integration test assistance, independent verification and validation (IV&V), document review, performance evaluation, capacity planning and modeling, and technical reviews and audits.
    • Configuration and Data Management including control of the maintenance and expansion of hardware and software at the installation, system, application and program levels.
    • Application Programming for scientific, engineering, and business applications for scientific, engineering, and business applications including, modeling, process control, computer-aided design, statistical analysis, logistics, plant operation and maintenance, inventory control, procurement, accounting, payroll, etc.
    • Test Plan and Test Procedures Support which includes needs assessment, development of evaluation procedures, design of test plans and testing procedures and actual delivery of testing assistance.
    • Multimedia Systems Design that includes the development of imaging system designs, digital libraries and "knowledge bases", interactive planning tools, archival/retrieval systems, image bases, and interactive multimedia training programs.
    • Business Systems Re-engineering that includes information systems model development to make current or new systems compatible with changes from business process re-engineering efforts.

  • ADP Operations Support Services
    • LAN and WAN System Design and Integration including hardware component selection, acquisition, installation, and testing, software selection, installation, customized programming, and user training; and ongoing system maintenance and operational support.
    • Configuration Management including control of the maintenance and expansion of hardware and software at the installation, system, application and program levels.
    • Communications Management including the provision of general and special purpose user training materials and courses on systems operation and use of application programs.
    • LAN and WAN Facility Management including the provision of the management, technical, and administrative support staff necessary to effectively and efficiently operate an agency's Local Area and/or Wide Area Networks. These services may also include:
    • Hotline Operation and Maintenance including the establishment and operation of a help desk accessible via telephone at all times during normal working hours to answer user questions concerning the use and operation of the system hardware and software components or to provide on-line trouble shooting assistance to resolve specific user problems.
    • System/Application Software Modification and Maintenance including the provision of programming support to tailor general purpose software packages for increased efficiency through the development of screen menu programs or use of other programming techniques or tools.

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